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Are you one that doesn't want to just observe the world? Do you want it opened up to you? Do you want to dive in, discover its hidden treasures and get to know its wildlife and natural beauty? Nothing will open up the world or your imagination, like the Galapagos Islands. Isolated from the world for millions of years, these islands are home to stunning foliage and amazing animals that exist nowhere else.

The world is open and the Galapagos Islands are beckoning you to, Celebrity Cruises® Galapagos & Machu Picchu - The Lost City of the clouds - Vacation Package. This package is blissfully all-inclusive including Certified Naturalist Guides - experts in everything from science to tourism having spent years on these islands and some even raised in the region, museum & park entrance fees, meals, beverages during meals, fully escorted tours in every location, luxury hotel accommodations, Celebrity concierge service/tour escort, meals and beverages while on tour, luggage service, gratuities and much more.

Intimate, magical, unparalleled---One of a kind experience in the Galapagos sailing aboard Celebrity Cruises®. All-Inclusive Luxury Mega Yacht offering escapes to one of the natural wonders of the world. You will experience pristine environments, pre-historic iguanas, hang out with blue footed bobby, stand eight feet from a giant tortoise. Since animals there do not fear humans, you can get up close and personal, walk among penguins--the only penguin species north of the equator. You will discover creatures whose very existence forms the basis for one of the most famous scientific theories in history. Check out the beautiful Lava Cactus which grows only on barren lava fields, the Prickly Pear Cactus found only on Galapagos Islands. And the magnificent Scalesia, which grows up to sixty feet tall.
----Get ready for the snorkel experience of a lifetime, swim beside giant sea turtles and even friendly curious sea lions.
----Stand before an oyster catcher and, marvel at a magnificent Frigate bird. Not to mention "Darwin Finches" - more than 13 finch species that have adapted to different areas of the islands.

If the Galapagos Islands inspired the study of evolutions, it only makes sense that they also inspire Celebrity's fleet. Now along with the 100 Passenger Celebrity Xpedition®. they have added two more ships to their fleet to give you even more choices for your Galapagos adventure. Go a bit more personal on their midsize 48 guests, Celebrity Xperience® or an incredible intimate trip on the 16 guests Celebrity Xploration®--. They offer six unique cruise itineraries, 15 islands more than 30 ports of call and multiple packages to choose from. These are perfect for multi-generational families or those looking to charter a sailing for a life changing vacation.

Turn your Galapagos trip into an all-inclusive South American Experience and extend your adventure to the Lost City of the Clouds----Machu Picchu, one of the most mysterious awesome places on earth.----Since the discovery of -Machu Picchu, its fame has grown and yet it still possesses an undeniable air of myth, its original purpose still shrouded in debate,--------- an unforgettable memory.

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